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Information on this website

Although Good Nurse has always taken reasonable measures to ensure that it provides correct and up-to-date information on the website, when you use this website, you also accept the content of the information provided by Shanghai Pharmaceutical at that time. Good nurses will not give any explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability, usability or legality of the relevant information and the content involved.

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Please note: If you voluntarily provide personal information on this website, the relevant information may be used or collected by a third party, so that you may receive unsolicited information.

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Any other websites linked to or mentioned in this website that are operated by Good Nurse’s affiliates, and these websites are only for people outside of China, these websites are not available to Chinese Internet users and all Internet users who are not in the designated area of the website. If these websites are designed for Internet users in a certain country, and you are not in the territory of the country concerned, you agree to browse these websites for academic reference only if permitted by law. You should not rely on the relevant information to make medical judgments or treatments for yourself or others.

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This website may be linked to a third party's website (hereinafter referred to as the third party's website) or a third party's website may be mentioned. The content of third-party websites is not supervised or controlled by Good Nurse. Good Nurse will not endorse or guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the content of these websites, their content, techniques or level, or make any guarantee for the products or services they provide. The purpose of linking with the third party's website is purely to facilitate the users of this website. The relevant users browse the third party's website on a voluntary basis, which does not mean that the company has approved and recommended them to you. You also agree and agree that Good Nurse will not be responsible or liable (directly or indirectly) for any damage or loss suffered by you as a result of using or relying on the content, goods or services of a third party's website.


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Any websites of good nurses or non-good nurses linked to this website are subject to their respective copyright notices. The above copied information shall not be circulated, modified, published on any website or used for any public or commercial purposes under any circumstances.

The above statement does not indicate that or any third party grants any patent or trademark license expressly, implicitly or in any form. Unless explicitly stated, the above statement does not indicate that Good Nurse grants any copyright license.

Trademark (including trade name, product decoration, service mark, product name, etc.)

The trademarks of the products or services involved in this website (including but not limited to trade names, product decorations, service logos, product names, etc.), regardless of whether they appear in large print, or bear trademark signs, unless otherwise specified Belongs to the registered trademarks of the company and its subsidiaries, related companies, franchisees or joint venture partners. Unless permitted, the use or misuse of these trademarks or other materials has been expressly prohibited, and may infringe copyright law, trademark law, criminal law, privacy protection regulations, publishing, communication laws and regulations. As we all know, the company has always proactively protected its intellectual property rights within the maximum jurisdiction granted by the law.

Healthcare disclaimer

Any healthcare information contained in this website, the websites of Shanghai Pharmaceuticals affiliates and any other related healthcare websites for ordinary consumers is for educational purposes only and cannot be used as a substitute for consultation with healthcare institutions. Any decision related to the treatment of the patient must be made together with the medical institution based on the patient's specific situation.

Product Information Statement

The product information provided on this website is only for Chinese residents, and the products involved here may have different product labels in different countries.

Applicable law

This terms of use agreement and your use of this website will be bound by Chinese laws.

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