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Purpose of company formation

The company's main research and development direction

Based on the forefront of international and domestic biomedical technology innovation, adhere to the principle of combining introduction, absorption, innovation and independent innovation, and build the company into a unique technological innovation enterprise. To this end, the company puts forward the "four first-class" management concepts, namely "first-class innovation team, first-class management model, first-class R&D facilities, and first-class R&D level". It has laid the foundation for the group's medium and long-term technological development and the technological innovation and development of regional industries.

Relying on modern information technology and modern biomedical technology, the group’s leading products and strategic products are systematically transformed and upgraded; the authentic medicinal resources in Liaodong area are fully utilized to develop combined special health products (health food, cosmetics, health Assistive devices); break the traditional product industry pattern, develop and reserve a batch of high-end biological drugs.

Liaoning Shangyao Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning Good Nurse Group Co., Ltd., it is also the R&D platform for resource development and utilization of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Liaoning Provincial Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center. Located in the center of Shenben New City (Shiqiaozi, Benxi) National Biomedical Technology Industry Base, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the laboratory building area is 3000 square meters, the pilot plant building area is 1000 square meters, and it has a variety of advanced analysis, testing and experiments. There are 116 sets of equipment, and 300 liters of advanced digital automatic control extraction, concentration and purification pilot production lines, non-automatic control extraction production lines and 5kg, 10kg one-step granulation and tableting pilot production lines.

The company has four departments and one workshop: technology department, R&D department, medical department, comprehensive department and a pilot workshop. The R&D department has quality laboratory, preparation laboratory, natural medicine laboratory, health food laboratory, cosmetics laboratory, etc. Now there are 20 scientific and technical personnel, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 2 master students, 4 senior titles, 7 intermediate titles or above, and 3 national and provincial leading talents headed by Ye Zuguang, chief scientist of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences


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